Anita Nahta Amin is an Indian American author of children’s fiction and nonfiction books. She has over 100 published short stories and articles in children’s literary magazines and educational resources.

Born and raised in the United States, she is the daughter of Indian immigrants. Her family roots stretch across North India, from the royal desert of Rajasthan to the bustling river city of Kolkata.

She earned a BSE, Biomedical Engineering and Electrical Engineering from Duke University and an MS, Computer Engineering from NC State University. She first designed microcomputers, then worked for many years as an information technology business consultant, and later, IT manager.

But for more than a decade, she has been following her passion – writing for children.

She lives in Florida with her husband and twin children.

Facts About Anita

  1. I almost moved to Argentina for my former job. Instead I ended up in Boston and met my husband. We’ve been married for twenty years and have twin children.
  2. I have never owned a pet. But my twins and husband would like to get two mini labradoodles.
  3. When I was three years old, I rode a camel for the first time. This is also when my fear of heights began.
  4. As a child, I carried stacks of books everywhere I went. I like to read.
  5. My favorite drink is chai, Indian tea. I normally make mine with milk, ginger, and a little sugar.
  6. My favorite dessert is sandesh, Indian milk fudge. It tastes a lot like lemon cheesecake (another favorite).
  7. I started a PhD in Molecular Genetics but after two years, I realized I didn’t like lab work – just reading and writing.
  8. Exploring the world is my hobby. My favorite countries to visit: India, Greece, Italy, and New Zealand. On my bucket list: Antarctica, Egypt, Morocco, and Iceland.
  9. My family and I built a bird garden in the backyard. The same bird families seem to visit each year!
  10. I write secret coded messages for my kids.

Bonus fact: My sisters and I used to have writing contests. It all started on a dark and stormy night…

Professional Memberships

  • 12 x12 Picture Book Challenge
  • Author’s Guild